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Meet our trainers

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I’ve worked for more than 13 years in the early childhood industry fulfilling a variety of different roles within family education, occasional care and long day care workplace settings.
For the past five years I’ve been delivering and assessing training in early childhood, business, community services, asthma, anaphylaxis and vocational preparation.

I aim to provide my students with a learning environment that enables them to fully engage with the room’s training facilities and their fellow students, so that they get the most out of the training program.

I love sharing each student’s journey and witnessing their excitement when all their hard work comes together. Helping my students to work towards their dream career is a wonderful part of what I do.

I have a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) and I’ve been working in the industry for over 12 years. During this time, I’ve worked as a Room leader, Educational Leader, 2 IC and Director.
I believe the Early Childhood industry is entering an exciting time, as the introduction and utilisation of The Early Years Learning Framework is really giving the whole sector a push to provide the highest possible quality education and care to children.
I’m really proud to be part of this, and as an Early Childhood Trainer and Assessor I strive to share my knowledge and skills with my students.

My goal is to help produce a new wave of enthusiastic and dedicated educators who will go on to provide excellent education and care to our future generation.

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With a Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) and over 11 years of experience in the early childhood industry under my belt, I’m now at the stage where I want to pass on my skills and knowledge to the next generation of carers. Children are the future and as educators we can make a positive impact on children’s lives. We are able to provide them with the support and guidance, to not only grow and learn, but also to become their own person. I believe that every child should be provided with opportunity to participate in a range of experiences which facilitate learning and are fun at the same time.
I love what I do because I am able to play a role in supporting students in becoming the best educator they can be.

Training allows me to share my passion and it really is fantastic seeing your students gain a huge sense of accomplishment as their knowledge, confidence and skills grow.

After school care, before school care, vacation care, and long day care – I’ve done it all! I’ve worked for over 13 years in the industry and had many different roles within the early childhood education and care sector.
As a result, I’ve developed solid opinions on early childcare and I truly believe children need to be free to explore environments independently without us there all the time to hold them back. We are simply there to guide and educate them. I discuss choices and consequences and allow children to discover things for themselves. I also encourage them to enjoy outdoor and messy play as often as I want to encourage creativity and the use of their imagination.

I’m a person who learns by doing things, so I bring this into my learning environment.

I love slime, playdough and think every educator needs to know how to get messy!
When you work with children you have the honour of seeing them grow up, learning new things and developing as an individual. You have plenty of proud moments and as a trainer I often feel much the same way towards my students. It’s very inspiring to see them grow as people, extend their knowledge and I want to do my very best to support all my students to be the best educators they can be.

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I’ve been working within the early childhood industry for 16 years in various fields, including long day care, family day care, local government, playgroups, educational consultancy and kindergartens.

The early childhood industry is evolving at a rapid rate and with the implementation of the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework, early childhood educators are beginning to be seen as early childhood professionals. This is something I’ve advocated throughout my whole career.

Supporting children’s social and emotional development is something I’m very passionate about as I believe children deserve the same level of respect and understanding as adults. Children need to be nurtured in a respectful way which acknowledges their rights to feel supported and to play and learn without unnecessary limitations.

In particular, I love how my role allows me to see my students evolve, both professionally and personally. As they develop new skills and knowledge their confidence in themselves grows, and I feel such a huge sense of pride when they go onto qualify.

Legislation surrounding the early childhood industry is something I strongly believe in. I really enjoy discussing this topic with my students while highlighting the importance of these guidelines supporting their practices.

By teaching my students to implement quality practices and to focus on best outcomes for children and their families at all times, I believe that my role as a trainer and assessor is assisting in ensuring a high quality standard of the early childhood industry.