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  1. How to Create an Active Learning Space for Less

    Posted: July 5 2018

    Being an Early Childhood Educator involves creativity and innovation to source recycled, natural and exciting objects for children to get creative in an active learning space. Items need to be both age appropriate and evoke a yearning to play and learn. Recently our trainers challenged themselves to create an active learning space using a budget […]

  2. Is Early Childhood Education Right for You?

    Posted: June 14 2018

    Early childhood education is one of the most rewarding careers you can aspire to as your role encompasses shaping the future one child at a time. There is a unique personal fulfillment you feel when creating a rich learning environment and supporting young learners as they explore and discover their world. If you are considering […]

  3. National Reconciliation Week in the Classroom

    Posted: May 1 2018

    Every year, National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is celebrated nationally across Australia. It’s a time to reflect, explore, recognise and build respectful relationships within our communities, near and far, as well as provide opportunities for all Australians to learn more about the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Commencing on May 27th to […]

  4. The Vegetable Battle

    Posted: February 13 2018

    As an early childhood educator, trainer and mother of three, I have had my share of fussy eaters and most of the time the battle is about vegetables! As with any nutrient rich food group, it’s especially important to try and get a variety and good balance of colour into the mix but that doesn’t […]

  5. Like Music to Our Ears: Sustainable Instruments

    Posted: February 8 2018

    Integrating sustainable practices within early childhood pedagogy is an integral part of education today. As environmental issues become more prevalent, the importance of including environmental programs for children increases. Within practice, early childhood educators aim to raise children’s environmental awareness in natural ways and one of the key methods as suggested by the Early Years […]

  6. Inspired by the Words of Dr Shona Bass – Our Latest Industry Event!

    Posted: October 4 2017

    We were thrilled to welcome Director of Early Life Foundations, Dr Shona Bass, to present at our latest industry event held at our Bourke Street Campus. Pairing with Apprenticeships Matter, we hosted the event for professionals from a variety of Early Learning Services in Melbourne where they enjoyed a presentation on Intentional Teaching in Early […]

  7. Onwards and Upwards

    Posted: July 12 2017

    When left disheartened in a difficult situation people often comfort themselves with the adage, “when one door closes, another door opens”. For Kerry Carr the saying stayed true to its meaning as she has found herself in an even better place now with the National Academy of Early Childhood, after her studies were left in […]

  8. Pushing Forward

    Posted: July 10 2017

    The closure of various Early Childhood Education private colleges such as Sage Institute was a huge shock to many students including Nicole Riley who found herself unable to complete their qualification. Fortunately, with the support of the National Academy of Early Childhood (NAEC) and the experience of dealing with difficult circumstances in her life, Nicole […]

  9. Proudly Supporting Displaced Early Childhood Education Students

    Posted: June 20 2017

    With a number of students left displaced after the unfortunate closures of Early Childhood Education Providers such as Sage Institute and Careers Australia, the National Academy of Early Childhood (NAEC) were determined to help students reach their study goals and complete their qualification. Students are now thriving at the National Academy of Early Childhood Although […]

  10. Does Early Childhood Education Impact Your Future?

    Posted: May 11 2017

    The benefits of early childhood education continue to be seen with the latest study results revealing, children provided with high-quality early education are more likely to be employed full-time, have a keen sense of social equality, and have better relationships with their parents as adults. Early Childhood Education Impact Your Future The results are part […]

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